Insurance Partners

Key Benefits

We are often asked—why should we do business with Insurance Partners, and what differentiates you from your competitors? With that in mind, we have developed a list of key attributes of Insurance Partners that we believe effectively addresses those questions.

  • We deliver on our promises
    Insurance Partners is responsive, proactive and delivers on our promises to our clients.
  • We will meet or exceed expectations
    Our team has the technical capability, systems and personnel to provide the services our clients demand.
  • Insurance should be easy
    We strive to simplify the sometimes complex insurance function for our clients by being exceptionally organized and responsive. This allows our clients to focus on their business, not managing their insurance program.
  • Great service is our goal
    Insurance Partners service platform is client-centric, focused on assisting our clients manage their risk through both traditional and creative risk transfer strategies.
  • Ongoing relationships are key
    We do not believe in transferring responsibility for marketing or customer service to call centers. The individuals you work with have direct responsibility for presenting clients needs to the insurance marketplace.
  • Effective management of risk
    Insurance Partners strives to position ourselves as client‘s “external risk manager” by putting their needs first and looking at their exposures from both an insurance and non-insurance perspective.

  • Unparalleled client advocacy
    We have earned the reputation of being excellent advocates on behalf of our clients to ensure they get the best products and pricing available.
  • You deserve our undivided attention
    Insurance Partners operates in a boutique professional services model with a limited number of clients, each one important to our growth and business success.
  • Our clients are our reason for being
    Insurance Partners’ structure allows us to be driven by our customer needs, not the needs of outside owners or investors.
  • No hidden fees or secrecy
    We believe that transparency in broker compensation is a necessary component of a strong client relationship and encourages open discussions about how we are compensated.
  • The Northwest is our home
    Insurance Partners is invested in Oregon by being a locally owned and operated professional services firm that makes business decisions based on the overall well-being of its clients, markets and employees.
  • Smart and local
    Clients benefit from our big broker experience, while receiving the level of service only a local agency can provide.